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Empowering Girls Worldwide

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Our Mission

Hey girllllll!
Yes youuuu💓
Rumour has it you've been checking us out😇😇
We're GirlsConnect, the world's first social media platform just for girls! We're here to empower fellow girls by providing a safe space where we can just y'know chat and be ourselves... something that we don't often get to do in the real world (but don't worry, this world is as real as they come!)
Here, we have forums, chat rooms, donation sections for underprivileged girls in Sub-Saharan Africa, and endless resources for girl health and education, you should go visit our forum, where you'll find millions of other girls going through a lot of the same stuff you are, and suggestions to help as well! 
It's a safe space; feel free to talk, make jokes, ask questions, and maybe answer a few while you're at it too! There are community guidelines to keep every girl safe, so let's try to stick with them. Deal?😙
By clicking the 3 lines at the top of this page, you enter a whole new world where girls can truly be girls.
Cheers to all our girl's girls out there!!!

It's time to be a Girl's Girl !!!

Our Features

At GirlsConnect, we believe in the power of family, and that's simply what we are~a family.
This is a safe space for girls to come together to share their stories, ideas, and problems. Learning from each other while gaining millions of sisters in the process.
We welcome all voices, high-pitched and low-pitched, soft and husky; eloquent and short-of-words. Speak out, even when your voice shakes❣
Our promise to you is to strive to continue creating a supportive and empowering environment just for you.
Join us today, and let's connect!

Whether you're looking for tips on what  lip liner fits you best, the best way to let him down easy or even have a question about internships available in your area, we've got you covered!
The community is here to help... Feel free to ask absolutely anything that's on your mind, and get connected to every girl who's ever felt the same!

At GirlsConnect, we are committed to providing support for young girls living in neglected IDP camps. Your donation can help us reach even more girls and make a difference in their lives. We believe that every girl deserves access to education, health care, and basic human rights. Your generosity can help us achieve this goal.

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